Keeping students engaged and motivated with Music Ecademy

Keeping students engaged and motivated with Music Ecademy

Keeping students engaged with Music Ecademy

Keeping students engaged with music theory and ear training can be a real struggle. As teachers we have all experienced the hardships of teaching theory to children who do not want to learn.

Why not try something new? Here at Music Ecademy we make music theory and aural training engaging for students, helping them to stay motivated and reach their full potential.

Lessons & Quizzes

Our lessons and quizzes are interactive and engaging! Students work their way through the lesson and then complete the accompanying quizzes. With thousands of possible questions in hundreds of quizzes we are helping your students learn the best way possible – through practice!

Music Ecademy has a variety of question types to keep students engaged:



The more students participate in the courses, the more lessons and quizzes they complete, the more points they get. These points help students climb up the leader-board! Students can compete against their classmates, their friends, and students from all over the world!


The more students do, the more points they get and the higher up the levels they go!



Badges are awarded for completing lessons, passing quizzes, and finishing grades. There are also special badges that are only handed out to students who get high grades in quizzes, or pass multiple grades. Have a look at some of the special badges students can earn:

Aren't they cool?! 

Student Dashboard

Every time students log in they are directed to their personal student dashboard. Students can update their profiles to add a picture of their favourite musician, or character. Students can see what level they have achieved, and which badges they have earned - the dashboard serves as a showcase of their achievements! There is also a "word of the day" to help students expand their musical vocabulary.

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