How Music Ecademy can work for your school

How Music Ecademy can work for your school

How Music Ecademy can work for your school

As music teachers we know that the work doesn't stop when the bell rings. There is so much extra time and effort that goes into being a music teacher - whether it's the orchestras, choirs and concerts, or printing resources, planning and marking, there is always something to do!

With Music Ecademy we want to make your lives easier, to take some of the load off so that you have more time as teachers to focus on all of the good stuff.

So, how can Music Ecademy help you?


A complete resource

Music Ecademy is a great solution for both primary and secondary schools as the range of courses mean that we cover everyone from absolute beginner to the advanced senior student.

Our curriculum follows the graded systems of the major music examination boards. We cover everything students need to know to get them through their music exams.

With one complete resource and everything available online at the touch of a button, Music Ecademy saves you time looking for, and printing, multiple different resources.

No more marking! 

Music to any teachers ears! Our program is completely self-marked saving you hours of valuable time.


The programme is self-directed and each student gets an individual login, so it is perfect for school use particularly with BYOD. With a classroom of students all at different levels Music Ecademy allows students to work at their own pace so that no child is left behind.

Free Teacher Accounts

Music Ecademy offers easy to use teacher accounts for FREE! Our teacher accounts allow you to track your students progress and see where they are excelling and where they may need extra help. You can have as many as you require for your school and your students can be separated  by class to make progress tracking and class management easy. Teacher account features include: progress tracking, exporting grades and printing reports.


Music Ecademy is an affordable resource, often working out cheaper than buying textbooks.