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Music Ecademy is an easy to use web application that teaches music theory and aural training in a fun and engaging way through a variety of lessons, quizzes and games.
Helping students to get the most out of their music education.

Quizzes & Gamification

Making music theory fun! Badges, leader boards and levels help to motivate students and keep them engaged. We have thousands of possible questions in hundreds of quizzes, helping students to learn the best way possible – through practice!

Relevant Curriculum

Grade based curriculum following the requirements of the major examination boards. We cover everything students need to know to get them through their music exams!

Progress Tracking

Our easy to use FREE teacher accounts allow you to track your students progress and see where they are excelling and where they may need extra help.

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Built with you in mind!

Music Ecademy is used by schools, music studios, private teachers and home learners.
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Private & Studio

Music Ecademy is perfect for studio and private teachers. Self-directed and self marked, Music Ecademy saves you time to focus on practical music. Our programme is built to compliment teachers in the delivery of music theory, and can be used as a stand-alone resource or alongside existing resources, however you choose! Learn more


Music Ecademy is great for school music programmes. Self-directed and self-marked, Music Ecademy saves you time and allows each student to progress at their own pace so no child is left behind! With free teachers accounts you can track your students progress, print reports, and see students’ grades. Learn more

Parents & Home Learners

Great for parents and home educators! Music Ecademy makes music theory and aural training engaging for your children and helps them on their journey to becoming amazing musicians. Music Ecademy is a learning resource that encourages children and rewards results. Learn more


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