Terms of Use

Terms of Use

This page outlines the General Conditions of access to and use of Music Ecademy.

Terms of Use

  • Music Ecademy licences are for individual, non commercial, use only.
  • Music Ecademy licences are non transferable.
  • Clients are liable for their own internet charges. It is the responsibility of the clients to ensure their computers and internet access are sufficient to access Music Ecademy.
  • Music Ecademy is not responsible for a poor internet connection or connectivity problems on the users end.
  • Anybody found to be intentionally misusing the site (e.g. hacking) will have their licences revoked without refund.
  • It is the responsibility of the users to protect their usernames and passwords.
  • Students must not use rude or inappropriate words in their usernames.
  • We reserve the right to cancel unpaid licences.
  • Subscriptions are valid from the date of payment or invoice (whatever is earlier).

Customer Service Policy

  • All products/services supplied will be in working order.
  • All faulty products will be exchanged for a working version at no additional charge.

Refund/Returns Policy

  • Music Ecademy offers a 10 day money back guarantee. No refunds will be offered beyond this time.

Subscription Cancellation

  • All our subscriptions are on a subscription base and are billed either monthly or annually
  • Please inform us 14 days in advance if you would like to cancel your subscription to Music Ecademy

Credit Card Transaction Policy

  • All credit card transaction are done over a secure internet connection.
  • Music Ecademy uses PayPal to process online payments, which is a secure gateway.  If you need more information on how PayPal works please visit their website https://www.paypal.com/bs/webapps/mpp/home

Consumer Data Policy

  • Purchasing information provided from online transactions is used for accounting purposes only.
  • After payment, no credit card details are retained or stored.
  • Customer data will not be shared with any third party.