May 4, 2016


Courses & Curriculum


Our Courses

Our courses easily walk students through the concepts of music. The courses are self directed and self marked and split into manageable topics within each grade.

The interactive lessons and quizzes give instant feedback to ensure students learn quickly and effectively. We have thousands of possible questions across hundreds of quizzes to help students learn the content the best way possible – through practice.

The program can be used both in lesson and as self-directed homework. Teachers accounts let you track students progress and keep you informed about which areas your students are passing well and which area they might need help.

Music Theory

Our music theory grades follow the curriculum of the major examining boards and teach students everything they need to know to pass their theory exams.

We have a choice of curricula so that you can choose which of the grade systems to follow.

We also offer three beginner grades specifically built for younger learners to introduce them to music theory slowly and clearly.

NCEA Curriculum

We offer an NCEA course which is perfectly suited for schools. We currently offer NCEA Level 1 and 2 with Level 3 due to be released shortly.

Our Level 1 course is built to prepare students for the requirements of Achievement Standard 91094 - Demonstrate knowledge of conventions used in music scores.

Our Level 2 NCEA course is built to prepare students for the requirements of AS 91276 - Demonstrate knowledge of conventions in a range of music scores.

Aural Training

Aural training is incredibly important when it comes to learning music- it is what separates a good musician from a great one.

We currently offer courses in grades 1-6 aural training (grades 7-8 are coming soon!)

Pitch, rhythm, chords, cadences, scales, we cover it all.

Making sure students never miss a beat!

Placement Tests

Our placement tests give students an idea of their current level and suggest where within the course they should start.

They provide a useful tool for evaluating your students’ musical literacy as well as great practice for external exams.

We also have a university placement test specifically built to determine if students are at university entrance level. This test helps prospective university students check their knowledge and gives them the opportunity to bring themselves up to level before starting a university course.

To learn more about the curricula that we offer please see our curriculum page.