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We believe a fun education is the best education! Music Ecademy makes music theory and aural training engaging for your children and helps them on their journey to become amazing musicians. Music Ecademy is a learning resource that encourages your children and rewards results.

Supporting Parents, Homeschoolers & Tutors

Whether you’re looking to reinforce classroom learning, your child's private music lessons, or if you are looking for a homeschooling solution, Music Ecademy is designed to help parents and tutors get the best out of their kids and students. The programme is self-directed so your children can work at their own pace. Everything is explained within the content, so no prior knowledge or expertise or music theory is needed.

Learning Made Fun!

Our gamification features such as badges, leaderboards and levels help to motivate your children and keep them engaged with the material. The more they participate and the more they complete the more points they get to climb the leaderboards, collect the badges and go up the levels. Children can race against their classmates and against other students from all around the world!


We offer up-to-date curriculum following the major examination boards; everything your children need to know to get them through their music theory and aural exams. Written by experienced musicians and music teachers our curriculum is comprehensive and reliable. With a range of curricula and levels we cater for everyone - from absolute beginners to the advanced senior student. Learn More

Hundreds of Quizzes

Our lessons and quizzes are interactive and engaging! Children work their way through the lesson and then complete the accompanying quizzes. With thousands of possible questions in hundreds of quizzes we are helping your children learn the best way possible – through practice!

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We offer monthly and annual subscriptions, with discounts available through your instrumental teacher or homeschool association.

Hear from some of the parents and teachers using Music Ecademy

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Belinda C Parent, New Zealand
My two children, 11 and 8, are really enjoying Music Ecademy that teaches the written side of learning music. The set up gets the knowledge in and the games keep them engaged. My perfectionist 11yr old loves the fact she can go back over the quiz until she knows her stuff and gets everything right. Have recommended to others.
Gabrielle Reid Teacher, Auckland
The Music Ecademy website enables me to teach theory and aural more comprehensively. I can check to see which students are having difficulty in specific areas (such as note grouping) and discuss that at the lesson. I monitor who is using the website, and notice that those students who would regularly leave their theory book at home are surprisingly happy to do their theory using the website. It has encouraged me to communicate with parents more, to advise them what I would like their child to complete. In reading music, having good aural skills is invaluable. The Aural Trainer section is extremely helpful as I often feel this is an area in my teaching that is touched on too briefly.