Music Ecademy Features

Engaging your students

with music theory

Music Ecademy was designed to help teachers and parents engage their students with music and improve learning outcomes.

Making music theory fun to learn for students, and easy to teach for teachers.

Progress Tracking & Reporting

Our free teacher accounts allow you to track your students' progress and see where they are excelling and where they may need extra help. You can have as many as you require for your school and your students can be separated by class and teacher to make progress tracking and class management easy. Our teacher account features include: progress tracking, exporting grades and printing reports.

Time Saving

Music Ecademy was designed to help teachers teach music theory and make your lives easier. Everything is self marked saving you hours of time and paperwork. With content, curriculum, progress tracking and reports at your fingertips you can save time on planning and searching for resources.


All our courses are curriculum-aligned, following up-to-date curriculum from the major examination boards and NCEA; everything students need to know to get them through their music exams. Written by experienced musicians and music teachers our curriculum is comprehensive and reliable. With a range of curricula and levels we cater for everyone - from absolute beginners to the advanced senior student. Learn More

Improves Learning Outcomes

Music Ecademy increases your students’ engagement, helps them to learn music theory and aural skills, and improves learning outcomes. We know there is only so much time in the day and Music Ecademy allows you to focus on other areas of music education knowing that the theory and aural are taken care of.

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Engages Students

Badges, leaderboards and levels help to motivate students and keep them engaged. The more they participate and the more they complete the more points they get to climb the leaderboards, collect the badges and go up the levels. Students can race against their classmates and against other students from all around the world!

Personalised Learning

With individual logins every student has progress data associated with their account and students can enjoy a personalised learning journey, collecting badges and moving up leaderboards.  The programme is self-directed so it is perfect for school use particularly with BYOD. With a classroom of students all at different levels Music Ecademy allows students to work at their own pace so that no child is left behind.

Hundreds of Quizzes

Our lessons and quizzes are interactive and engaging! Students work their way through the lessons and then complete the accompanying quizzes. With thousands of possible questions in hundreds of quizzes we are helping your students learn the best way possible – through practice!

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