E-Learning with Music Ecademy

E-Learning with Music Ecademy

E-Learning with Music Ecademy

With devices in the classroom becoming more and more common, particularly with BYOD in New Zealand and Australia, teachers are often looking for new ways to incorporate technology into lessons to enhance learning.

So why should we use technology in the classroom and how can it enhance learning?


Technology can make learning more fun

Studies have shown that gamification can help the retention of rote learning. Technology can also add a social side to learning and help students that are isolated geographically (a big issue in New Zealand and Australia) feel like they belong to a learning community.


Technology prepares students for the future

The rate at which technology is changing and the speed in which new techniques for learning are being created mean that today’s students have to be very tech savvy. The more familiar a student is with technology the better prepared for further study and future work they will be.


Technology helps students learn at their own pace

Students learn at different paces; some respond very well to a textbook explanation while others are kinaesthetic learners. It is very difficult to meet both the needs of students that need a more solid foundation with extra practice, and those that would relish extension.


Musical literacy and programming

Learning an instrument can aid in the learning of other subjects such as languages, maths, and computer programming. The analytical thinking mixed with creativity means that music is a great subject to help grasp the concepts of programming. Steve Jobs the founder of Apple once said that “the dozen best computer scientists I know are all musicians”.

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