May 4, 2016


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Teachers’ Features


Music Ecademy offers a new way for students to learn music theory that is both engaging and academically sound.

Our program is built to compliment teachers in the delivery of music theory, and can be used as a stand-alone resource or alongside existing resources, however you choose!

Music Ecademy makes your life easier, saves you time and increases students’ engagement and knowledge of music theory.



Thousands of possible questions in hundreds of quizzes. Helping students to learn the best way possible – through practice.



Badges, leaderboards and levels help to motivate students and keep them engaged with the material.


Relevant Curriculum

Up-to-date curriculum from the major examination boards; everything students need to know to get them through their music exams.


Self Marked

Saving you hours of time and paper, and freeing up more time for you to focus on the practical side of music.


Free Teacher Accounts

Music Ecademy offers free teacher accounts for you to track your students progress and see where they are excelling and where they may need extra help.


Increased Grades

Our program increases students’ engagement. They enjoy learning music theory, and subsequently their grades see an increase.

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Music Ecademy Teacher Accounts

Teacher accounts are completely free with student sign-ups. That’s right – it won’t cost you a penny! Our teacher accounts are designed to help you and your students get the most out of using Music Ecademy.

Key Features

  • Progress tracking – see where your students are excelling and where they may need extra help
  • Real- time results – see what students are doing as they are doing it
  • Easy class oversight – view and manage your classrooms
  • View and print reports – perfect to give to parents!


Music Ecademy For…



Private & Studio

Music Ecademy was initially built with the studio music teacher in mind and many of the features are perfectly suited to a studio.

  • Relevant Curriculum: Specifically built for private teachers, we follow the curriculum of Trinity College, ABRSM, AMEB, and NZMEB.
  • Self Directed: The program is entirely self directed so can be set as homework, freeing up class time to focus on practical music
  • Great Price: For your students Music Ecademy often works out cheaper than using a textbook
  • Self Marked: No more hours of marking! Saving you so much time.
  • Engaging: The quizzes and gamification features help students stay engaged and motivated.


Music Ecademy is a great solution for schools – both primary and secondary. The range of courses mean that we cover everyone from absolute beginner to the advanced senior student.

  • BYOD: Students have individual logins with data associated to their accounts to allow progress tracking.
  • Placement Tests: Placement tests to give students an idea of their level, and suggest where in the course they should start.
  • Reports: We have an option to view and to print individual student reports, perfect for handing out to parents!
  • Export Grades: You can download all your students grades for each course to a spreadsheet
  • Multiple Teacher Accounts: We can provide as many teacher accounts as you need for your school
  • Easy classroom management: Students can be separated by class and by teacher so that it is easy for teachers to view just their classes progress
  • Complete Class Oversight: Ability to see all of the enrolled students by class, great for HOD’s to keep an eye on things!


Music Ecademy offers features specifically for Universities:

  • Placement Tests: Placement tests allow the university to accurately assess students before they commence their studies
  • Remedial Education: Students can get up to speed in their own time and at their own pace before starting the university course
  • High Grades: We offer the high grades suitable for university students
  • Customised Content: We can customise Music Ecademy for your university. Contact us to learn more.
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Request a Trial!

Explore for Free!


To give you the chance to try out Music Ecademy and to see how it can work for your students we offer two week free trials!


Simply fill in the form and we will send you an email with your log in details.


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Gabrielle Reid

Piano Teacher, Music Education Centre, Glenfield, Auckland

The musicecademy website enables me to teach theory and aural more comprehensively. I can check to see which students are having difficulty in specific areas (such as note grouping) and discuss that at the lesson.   I monitor who is using the website, and notice that those students who would regularly leave their theory book at home are surprisingly happy to do their theory using the website.   It has encouraged me to communicate with parents more, to advise them what I would like their child to complete.   In reading music, having good aural skills is invaluable. The Aural Trainer section is extremely helpful as I often feel this is an area in my teaching that is touched on too briefly.

Glen Child

Head of Music

I’ve been using Music Ecademy since 2016. This year I’ve started using it with all my junior classes from year 7-10. It’s an a great resource, that covers all the topics you need and allows your advanced students to be extended. Jaroslav is so easy to deal with and is so helpful with any questions or requests I’ve had. Highly recommended.



This is a great resource for engaging students with theory. I often set it as homework and it has helped motivate my students and has also been great to free up a bit more of my time.

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Pricing & Sign Up

We want you to feel confident recommending Music Ecademy to your students, and we want to offer something that works for you and your studio or school.

This is why we offer academic pricing to schools, universities, music studios and music teachers.

Please contact us at for our school and studio pricing.


How to sign up students:


1. If you would like to sign up multiple students in one payment please contact us. We will then send you an invoice and you can pay by credit card, direct deposit or cheque.

2. You can recommend us to your students for parents to buy individually through the website. We offer coupon codes to teachers for discounts. Parents can pay securely by Paypal or credit card.


You can find more information about how to sign up students and payment options on our FAQs page.

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Any questions about signing up or pricing?



Contact Us

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