August 6, 2017

Our Story


Our Story

Music Ecademy was started by our Director Jaroslav Novak, a pianist, composer and music teacher from New Zealand.

Jaroslav found it hard to engage his own students with music theory as they found it boring compared to practical music. Students would often come to class with their homework incomplete, not being able to find the time or motivation to do it. He often didn’t have time to teach theory and practical music within class time, and on top of this there was the problem of finding, organising, and marking all of the written material. (marking, urgh!)

These problems have been echoed by many other teachers, so from that Music Ecademy was born! Music Ecademy offers a new way to engage students with music theory, making it more interactive and fun with badges, leaderboards and levels. Self marked, self directed and with teachers accounts to track progress Music Ecademy makes teachers lives easier, and students happier!

Music theory and aural training is often neglected, but it is so important in order to advance as musicians and it is necessary to pass exams. We also happen to think it is super interesting!

We are a company passionate about music education! We live music every day, and want to inspire more children (and adults!) to appreciate and practice music.