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Parents Features

Great for parents and home educators alike!


We believe a fun education is the best education! Music Ecademy makes music theory and aural training engaging for your children and helps them on their journey to becoming amazing musicians.

Music Ecademy is a learning resource that encourages students and rewards results.



Thousands of possible questions in hundreds of quizzes. We want your children to learn the best way possible – through practice.



Badges, leaderboards, levels and games to help motivate students and keep them engaged with the material.


Relevant Curriculum

Comprehensive curriculum following the major Examining Boards. Everything your child needs to know to pass their music theory exams


Self Directed

Easy to use and self directed. Children can work independently but it is fun for all so feel free to get involved!


Personal & Individual

Your child will have progress data associated with their account so you can easily see where they are excelling and where they may  need extra help


Increased Grades

 Our program is highly engaging and helps your children reach their full potential

Key Features


  • Highly engaging – quizzes and gamification features keep your children motivated 
  • Follows the curriculum of all the main exam boards
  • Accessible anywhere, anytime.
  • Tablet compatible
  • Instant feedback, encouraging independent learning.
  • Discounted subscriptions available for home educators. Contact us for details.


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We offer Music Ecademy on monthly and yearly subscriptions

$8 per student, per month         $75 per student. per year

Family Subscriptions

We also offer annual family subscriptions for those families wanting to enrol multiple children

Number of Accounts Price
 1  $75
 2 $136
 3  $190
 4  $245
 5  $300


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